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So as you all know I embarked on a quest to perfect my skin care routine in the new year! I am still trying to perfect the situation, it’s very much still a work in progress but here are my finds so far! Warning: I may go into too much detail but once I start talking about something I like I can’t stop!

I am 6 weeks make up wipe free! wohoo!!




I use Clarins Water Comfort Cleanser in the morning with a cotton pad. Super quick and easy. Any light cleanser will do as your not really removing make up just doing a quick clean.

So I have been trying to double cleanse at night to ensure my skin is completely grime free!

Firstly I use Clinique ‘take the day off’. This cleaner is absolutely amazing. It’s a balm cleanser and literally does take the day off. Really easy to apply and you don’t need to use much.

Then I use Clarins cleansing Milk for normal to dry skin. Another really great product that leaves your skin super clean and feels lovely!




This clarins toner is fine. To be honest I don’t find it to be too life changing, I wouldn’t be ranting and raving about it. I bought it with the cleanser. It is reasonable price as it lasts a long time and it does what a toner is meant to do so all good!

The Pixi Glow tonic however is sooo worth ranting and raving about! It is a complete game changer! It is advised that we begin to use a acid toner in our 20’s. It is key for preventing ageing! When choosing an acid toner always go for a glycolic acid. This is because glycolic is the acid with the smallest molecules and the smaller the molecules the better the results! I have done my research ladies! I am serious about all tonic not just vodka and tonic!!! πŸ™‚ This toner has really really helped my skin , I found a difference pretty much straight away. My skin is smoother, brighter and absorbs moisturiser better. My mom and friend also bought this at the same time as me and they both love it so its not just me!! Acid toner can be expensive but this Pixi Glow is super cheap. Here is the link! Very much worth the buy!





I have gone through so many moisturisers in the last couple of months and none were doing the job until I found these two that my mom introduced me too. They have really hydrated my skin! I have tried No7 before and was never a fan as I always felt the products never took to my skin properly, but I am a firm fan of these.

I especially love the night time one as it leaves my skin feeling so nice going to bed!

These are the intense range and advertise for ages 35-45. I previously tried the normal one for 25-35 but just felt it wasn’t enough for my skin. So if you have dry skin like me maybe go the level higher.



I use No7 Protect and Perfect Advanced Serum. This seems to be good. i feel its really hard to tell with regards to the anti ageing effects but it makes my skin feel really smooth and also under my eyes seem brighter and more smooth also. I got this on offer and I’m still not sure if it is worth the original price. The link is below:

So thats my routine so far , anyone have any other recommendations leave a comment below! πŸ™‚


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