Organising my make up drawers!

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Hey Guys,


I spent a lot of last weekend decluttering and organising stuff as i have recently moved. I still have my wardrobe left to organise , but got rid of loads of stuff i didn’t wear or didn’t need any more! Soon I will be putting up shoes and bags on depop! I will let ye know as soon as I have set up the account and uploaded all the items!

Anyway I said I would share with you how I have organised my makeup, jewellery, hair products and skin care products.


I have a set of drawers from IKEA. Here is the linkΒ

It is an amazing addition to any bedroom/storage space. I cannot recommend it enough. I also bought the dividers inside the drawers from IKEA.. Heres the link for that alsoΒ


So here are the inside of my drawers and how I organised everything :

The top part of the drawers opens up with a mirror, so here I store all my brushes (that are in serious need of a clean) and all my daily skin care products so they are easy access and I don’t have any excuse to reach for a make a wipe!



Brushes and Daily skincare


Next up is eye make up products along with my palettes and blushers.


Eye shadows, palettes, blushers



Then we’ve got a mix of lipsticks, glosses, concealers, mascarras, powders, and liners!

Lipsticks, highlighters, massacras, concealers, liners and highlighters



Then I used the drawers inserts to hold my rollers, other skin care products, primers and foundations!

Hair, skin care , foundations and primers



The following needs some work as storing my necklaces like this is probably not the best idea as they will break and get tarnished. But for now I’m going with it! its def better than being thrown all over my dressing table! Oh and my nail products and perfume is in the second insert!


Necklaces, nail polishand perfumes

Then I put a few of my sunnies and specs in the boxes, keep them from getting scratched.

Sunnies and specs


Last but not least is my haircare, tanning products and any other bulky bits that didn’t fit in the above inserts!


Hair care, tanning products and other bulky items



So there you are ladies! Hope I have given ye some organising inspo for Spring! πŸ™‚



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