Nail Polish Review – ‘Gels’

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Todays’ post is just a quick review on two ‘gelish’ nail polishes. I have pretty much always had bio sculpture 3 week mani on my nails but I recently got it taken off for awhile as my nails are really feeling the effects of all the mistreatment!

So I bought the No.7 Gel Look Shine as I saw it on instagram and someone said it was really good very very wrong they were!! .. And then I also tried the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel!

Firstly the No7 one was absolute rubbish, now maybe it’s because my nails are not very strong but I literally put this on the night before I went to London and they were all chipped and peeling off by the time I was boarding the plane! I found there was no advantage at all to this polish , a regular polish would have done a much better job. However I will say the colour I got (Porcini) was amazing! I really really liked the shade so I was gutted when it didn’t stand the test of time!



The second one I tested as I said was the Sally Hansen one. This I thought was brilliant! I put it on Friday and I got my first chip Wednesday.. pretty good resistance i thought! It was a similar colour to the NO.7 but not as nice. Also thought it was very quick drying and the brush was easy to apply which is a plus for me as I am woeful at applying nail polish! I would defo recommend everyone to give this a go! So good! Gonna purchase the red one next I think! The colour of the one I used was ‘All chalked up’.


Sally Hansen Miracle GelHere’s a pic of the Sally on.. prob not the best pic but sure this is it!


Friday Countdown is on! See ye Friday with some Friday Picks! 🙂

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