Muckross Park Hotel Review

Hi Everyone!

Hope ye had a good weekend! I went to Killarney for the night with James to the very relaxing Muckross Park Hotel, so I said I’d do a quick review on the hotel . We only stayed for one night so it was a short visit but it was a nice and relaxing to just chill after a busy few weeks!

So on arriving the staff were all super nice our bags were taken to our room , we also presented with hot clothes to ‘warm our hands” totally unnecessary but a lovely touch given its 5 star credentials.

The room was nice, was equipped with all the reliables and the bathroom was nice too. Here’s a pic of the bedroom :




inside wardrobe

We got there kind of late so didn’t have time for the spa and I also forgot my pool gear so that was unfortunate as I love the spa and I have heard it is a really nice feature of the hotel!

I wasn’t a huge fan of the bar it was really lacking in atmosphere and I really didn’t like the lay out or the decor but on the upside my wine was lovely!

Dinner was really nice, the food was really good quality and we really enjoyed it! One small gripe would be they over cooked both our steaks but the quality of meat was good so it was still tasty! Sorry I take my steak very seriously! 🙂

The dessert was amazing! So nice I had the chocolate mouse with a sea salt ice cream.. I believe the sea salt ice cream has changed my life it was that good!! 🙂

Breakfast was nice too. It was self service and there was plenty of options, however I will say that our waitress never mentioned to us we could order fro the kitchen also and I would have murdered a poached egg! it was only when we were finished breakfast and we heard the table next to us ordering poached eggs did we realise! To say we were traumatised is an understatement … WE LOVE POACHED EGGS!! James had a moment silence for the loss of poached eggs that morning! 🙂 At least I’m not dramatic 🙂

All in all I thought the hotel was nice. The staff were great , really attentive , the room was good and very clean, the food was really nice but I did feel the hotel as a whole was lacking in atmosphere. I have stayed in many of the hotels in Killarney and while this was really nice and I did have an enjoyable experience I think I would choose other hotel in Killarney to return to. Again though I didn’t have the spa experience  so I am completely basing my review on hotel alone!

We also visited Muckross House which was just up the road took a quick outfit pic although to be fair I was going strolling around Killarney so its not exactly glamtastic! 🙂

Coat is Dunnes Stores, Leggings are River Island and my fave leopard print cons are schuh


Also excuse my shoddy camera work , the lighting was poor and I couldn’t turn on flash as the diners around me would be like why is that idiot taking a photo of all her food! 🙂




wind swept

Bread selection at Dinner Crab Salad

This was amazing!

This was amazing!




Baked Alaska Bread and Pastry Selection at every table at breakfast!

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