Boots Witch Hazel Review

Happy Monday everyone .. if thats even possible! .. So today is apparently the most depressing day of the year as most people give up on their new year resolutions today so for those of you with me on the skin care resolution I said i’d give us all some motivation and do a review on some products i have been using lately!

A friend of mine has quite problematic skin. She often experiences mass break outs and her skin can be oily and difficult to manage. I was recently at her house and when she opened the door the first thing I noticed was her skin, it was glowing and was super clear.

I of course asked her straight away what her new secret was and she showed me the witch hazel products from Boots , she had been using the for 6 weeks religiously and the difference was amazing.

Generally I am fairly lucky in the skin department, I rarely get break outs, and have dry to normal skin. However a couple of weeks ago I did suffer a random out break and started using these products for a couple of weeks.

First of all these are all incredibly cheap like i couldn’t get over the price!! (Links to the boots website down below)

I found the scrub and the face wash really helped with my break out and treated the areas really quickly.  I am still using the scrub once a week as a precaution and so far no complaints.

I use the cleanser as part of my double cleanse routine to target any future breakouts and it seems to be working a treat!

The moisturiser wasn’t for me, as i mentioned earlier my skin would be on the drier side of normal so I found the moisturiser wasn’t rich enough but for those of you with oily skin this would be great for keeping the shine at bay!

I would highly recommend these to people who have problematic oily skin , they are worth a try especially with such a bargain price tag.

If you are looking for a “clean” product these are not for you! There is alcohol in the ingredients for those of you staying away from alcohol based products!

Heres the link to the witch hazel products:|#containermoistiurisers Face scrub Foam Face wash Witch hazel

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