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Todays post is a sit down chat with my favourite Youtube/Blogger/GirlBoss Chelsea Moylan AKA Chelsea Moylan. I have been following Chelsea for over a year and I have fallen in love with her amazing brand, on point style, honest opinions and cute dog. Chelsea is from San Francisco and runs her own store both online and bricks and mortar as well as her various social media accounts.

So a couple of weeks ago I sat down with Chelsea in her beautiful store on the very cool Union St in San Francisco to learn more about her journey and to take a closer look at her everyday life! – and yes she is as nice and cool in person as she is online!

Tell us about your journey

So I went to SF State for 3 years, then I decided to go to Pennsylvania to study at Villanova. I didn’t study fashion or business as i was really into sociology. I took a big interest in anything criminal so really wanted to go down that route as a career choice. When i finished grad school i worked in a high security prison for awhile which I loved and set me on the path of criminal justice.

I didn’t know many people in Pennsylvania and was finding it really hard to get a job so that is when I started my YouTube channel and blog.

I quickly realised that all the things I was mentioning on my channel and blog people were buying so then the idea of an online store came to mind. I was often buying things on Etsy and from other independent sellers and when I mentioned them on my social media platform and blog they would become best-sellers.

Initially it was just going to be my side hobby/job while I tried to find my feet and secure a job in criminal justice.

I knew absolutely nothing about opening an online store … zero! I had to google everything! I took three months to work my ass off and figure out how to do this.

I retuned home to San Francisco and got a job as  a nanny. I would get up, get the kids ready for school, drop them off and then put all my energy into Anomie. I would collect them in the evenings and once they went to bed or I went home I would start on Anomie all over again. About 6 months into my nanny job I launched Anomie.

I didn’t pay myself for a long time and took on no loans. I worked as a nanny by day and ran my online store by night.

How did you  transition from an online business to a store?

One of my designers said she was coming to town for a few days and suggested we do a pop up store. When looking for a location to do the pop up I can across our current store. I asked about whether I could do the pop up store in the back and the woman told me that they were closing down and the lease would be available to take over if I wanted. And … The rest is history!


Why Anomie?

There is so many reasons and meanings to Anomie. Firstly I studied it at school. When I was lying in bed with my boyfriend thinking of what to name my store I was wondering about naming it after a theory. Only problem was all the theories I studied were to do with crime and murder so not really a very enticing or cool vibe. Then I remembered Anomie and thought this is perfect!

It sounds really fancy and girly. I liked the way it sounded and how it looked. it also has a few meanings that I think all applied to the store and my situation. A state of anomie is basically when your goals and means don’t align. I thought it was perfect and so it stuck.

Most memorable moment so far?

Probably my first day  of the online store. When the store went live I couldn’t believe all these people were buying my stuff. I was so excited and overwhelmed.

Then the second moment was when I had the grand opening of the store. All my friends and family were there. There was a huge line of people and it just felt great. I had to stand up and thank everyone for coming and I just felt so proud and grateful!

What would you do if you knew you wouldn’t fail?

I would have my own jewellery and clothing line .. and make up … basically everything in the store would be my own brand! Build an Empire!!


Being present in the present is the present

What is your dream vacation?

Well Ryan (Chelsea’s SO) and I would love to go to Ireland. He has never been and I love it there so I would love the two of us to travel around Ireland and visit all the places my family are from. Shout out to Nina, Cork, Tipp and Wexford!

If you could have lunch with any woman who would it be and what would you order?

I love the store Totokaelo and i really look up to the founder Jill Wenger. I once went to a talk where she was speaking and I really clicked with what she was saying. A lot of what she said I totally agreed with and also had similar thoughts which I found reassuring. I would love to grab lunch with her and get her trade secrets!

I would order a Cosmo to loosen up and whatever food allowed me to eat less so I could talk more!


What is a typical day in the life of Chelsea?

Well I normally have two type of days. I’m either at the store or I’m not.

So I get up, walk the dog possibly walk Ryan to the bus if I’m up on time. Get breakfast, watch a tv show. Then if I’m going to the store I will be working on my mail, stock orders, online orders, cleaning, merchandising, inventory, customer service and all that comes with running your own store. I try get home around dinner time so Ryan and I can eat together and talk about the day. Then we throw on a movie and I usually work on behind the scenes stuff on my laptop when we’re netflix and chilling!

The days I don’t go to the shop I usually go to the Anomie HQ which is a separate premises. Here I take all the photos myself… yes even the ones of me! I have a remote for the camera so I have a few seconds before the take to hide it as I’m posing for the shot!

What is the best advice you ever got?

Before my brother passed he wrote me a letter and I recently found it when I was moving. In it he said “Being present in the present is the present” . He used always say that and it has stayed with me.

I’ve learned that life rarely gives you what you expect or plan so go with it.

My mom also has given me really good advise about money. She has often said “ Money is meant to enhance your life not define it”.

If I really want something in my shop I’ll get it, even if it doesn’t make entire sense financially. For example I might love the look of a really expensive purse and it might be ‘safer’and better for the bottom line to instead stock 10 shirts that are sure to sell. But if I feel strongly about a piece I will stock it. And people might wander in to look at it and although they might not buy that purse they may pick something else up. Sometimes money isn’t always the bottom line.

Whenever I struggled with money or needed it for something I would donate $50 as I believe putting good vibes out there will attract more back to you.

What has been your biggest challenge so far?

I really struggled with the fact I needed to choose a career that gave back to the world and that was not going down that path worth it. I had to accept that I wasn’t going to that. I had to ask do I actually want to that or do I just think I should.

Although I do think that Anomie does give something back in terms if supporting small designers. Pretty much all of the stock in Anomie is home made.

What beauty product would you not live without?

The Herbivore facial oil! I use it every day. I’ve seen a huge improvement in my skin since using it. It is a necessary product of life!


If you want to follow Chelsea – which I highly recommend you do for not only her boss style and funny snaps but also she has a VERY cute dog called Dexter here are her social media links:





Snap – chelseawears

 And if your up for treating yo self than look no further than … This is heaven online! Girl you do yo!

Thanks Chelsea!

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