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Lately I’ve been really finding my “vibe” – my true style – what makes me feel comfortable, stylish and confident. I don’t know is it that I’m getting older and more certain of what I want or that I’m just boring but I no longer rush to the ‘new in’ section of Asos and add 18 totally different and obscene items to my cart. (and then empty them when I discover they cost ACTUAL money). Β When I open my closet doors there’s a ‘theme’ its looking more and more on the side of organised than chaos.

When I find something that I love I am wearing and restyling it 100 times and right now these five things are my go to staples. I have worn and reworn all these so many times and each time I love them more!



A Striped Long Sleeve

I got this a couple of months ago and I have been living in it. So comfortable and chic and brightens up my almost always black wardrobe. Probably a sign I need more colour if I think Β black and white top is bright … πŸ™‚ I bought mine in Target and they are all gone but here is a similar one.





Round Sunglasses



My black round sunglasses have been my all time favourite at the mo! I bought them last year and had forgotten about them so it was like rebutting them when I discovered them again a few months ago. I’m loving channeling my inner John Lennon. πŸ™‚ Β I bought mine in Forever21 and they no longer hold them but here is a similar pair also from Forever21.






Black Loafers

If I was a shoe I would be this shoe! I love love love these loafers from Aldo. They are perfect for work and the weekend. I am wearing them to death! The gold heel …. I could stare at them all day!







OPI Dutch Tulip


When it comes to nails I’m not that adventurous I go from red to black to nude and back to red. 90% of them time red is the one. So you can imagine my delight when I discovered the most perfect red ever created .. ever. I get my nails done every two weeks with OPI gel ( I know I have a tough life) but they also have this in a regular polish also. It’s GORGE!





A Black Bandana


I really wanted to buy this for ages but I was afraid I would look like a very bad cross between Eminem and a Kardashian. When I proudly told my friend I had purchased it she burst out laughing and told me I have notions. Now in fairness she wasn’t too far wrong about me but the bandana she had all wrong! I love it! I wear it chockeresque style usually but have worn it as a kind of scarf too. I think it really updates a simple day time look and I haven’t looked back! I got mine here in Asos.


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