5 Tips For Developing Your Personal Style

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Are you struggling with your personal style? I know sometimes I tend to get overwhelmed by the constant trends and make very bad buying decisions.

While following the trends can be fun being trendy can be a far cry from being stylish. So here are my top tips for developing your own personal style.

1. Inspiration

It can be hard starting with a blank canvas. So go to Instagram or Pinterest to find some looks you love. Ignore the person wearing them and just focus on the clothes themselves and choose what you like. Personal style is all about feeling like the best version of yourself.

Screenshot all the looks you like and begin to build and inspo board. I love a good inspo board. I pretty much make them for everything!

Personally I like to stick with a pretty plain and basic colour palette and then add a splash of colour or pattern with a coat, scarf or bright lip. Whatever your vibe is once you figure it out shopping and wardrobe planning will become so much easier.

Once you figure out what colours, patterns, styles and pieces you gravitate towards then your ready for the next step.


2. Wardrobe Edit

This is my favourite part! I love cleansing my wardrobe. So go through every single item in your wardrobe look at it and decide 1- do you love this piece and 2- does this piece fit with your board? If yay keep it and if nay bin or donate.

When looking through your wardrobe note if there is anything you are really missing for example a basic white t shirt or a good black jean. Also note is there a lot of reoffending items that you have a few of. If you find you don’t get wear out of these reoffenders then you need to make note to step away from these crutches when your shopping. If you find you have loads of grey t shirts from Pennys, all misshapen or worn then maybe that’s a sign to invest in one good quality grey t shirt! Quality not quantity.

3. Signature Piece/Look

Taylor has her red lip , Kim K loves a pencil skirt and Jennifer Anniston has “the hair”. What is your signature look? Whether it is chunky jewellery or a statement coat find that piece or style that identifies you and own it.

4. Invest

This was the hardest part for me. I could go into Pennys and drop a €100 on shit I barely wore instead of investing in an item I would wear to death. I have always splurged on things like shoes or bags and never clothes but I am now converted. That’s not to say I go and buy expensive pieces always – not at all, I am just more mindful of what I buy.

My advice is invest in staple pieces like a coat, jeans or a black dress. Spend the least amount on “trendy items” that won’t stand the test of time.


5. You Do You

At the end of the day your clothes and style are meant to empower you and make you feel invincible so girl you do you. Wear what makes you feel fab -haters gonna hate. πŸ™‚ Β 

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