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I did Whole30 last month and have been dying to share my experience with you all. Β Whole30 is basically a 30 day programme where you cut out certain foods and just eat very clean. So no dairy, grains, legumes, alcohol, sugar etc. Check out the website for a more in dept explanation.

Why did I decide to do Whole30?

Well long story short I just felt like complete shit! I was tired, cranky, bloated, uncomfortable and my skin was at an all time low! I knew I wanted something that would help me kick my sugar habit so a plan with natural and clean eating habits were what I needed. After loads of research I decided that Whole30 was the one for me.

Now for the hard part … actually doing it!

So I was semi excited and semi petrified about the pending 30 days ahead but once I started it all my fears were put to rest. I bought the book on Amazon for $18, this was such a good idea and really served as my bible throughout the 30 days. It even goes through how you are gonna feel each day. Luckily I didn’t experience any of the crazy hangovers and cravings the first couple of days can bring.

For the most part I actually found the Whole30 really doable. Once you are prepared it is an easy plan. I even ate out a few times and once I looked up the menu ahead of time to investigate the Whole30 approved meals it was all good!

Whole30 is not meant to be a quick fix or even a long term plan. It is more like a nutritional reset that can be done every few months or whenever you feel like. It doesn’t need to be Whole30 you can do a Whole10, 5, 7, 60 whatever you like.

The foods you cut out are not necessarily bad for you, but removing them from your diet for 30 days then slowly reintroducing them allows you to figure out what causes you problems.

For example I noticed that removing dairy really helped my skin and reintroducing gluten seemed to really effect my sinuses. (Weird I know).

Throughout Whole30 I had loads of energy, I was always full as there is no counting calories or restricting portions, and I didn’t crave sugar! That was probably the biggest thing for me as I have such a sweet tooth!

Whole30 Results

  • Skin was clear and bright – For the first time in a long time I was comfortable going out with no makeup.
  • The whites of my eyes were Very white – A weird one but welcome all the same.
  • Loads of energy.
  • The best sleep I’ve ever had- The last year my sleep has been really bad, since whole30 I have fell straight to sleep and slept through the night.
  • My clothes were MUCH loser on me.
  • I didn’t weigh myself the day I started Whole30 so I don’t know the exact weightless but it was approx 10-12 pounds.


I really loved Whole30 and I’m planning to do it again before my holiday but for now I’m gonna take what I have learned about what foods trigger cravings, tiredness and other bad vibes and incorporate that into my lifestyle.

I would highly recommend doing this programme as it really whips you back in shape and kicks any of your bad habits out the window!

If anyone wants me to post what I typically ate during my Whole30 experience let me know! πŸ™‚





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