5 Apps To Keep You Organised

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Here are my five favourite apps to keep you organised and stay boss!


1. Wunderlist


I have mentioned this app on my favourites before but I must mention it again as I absolutely cannot live without it! This is so good for simple tasks like shopping list or more detailed tasks like project managing.

You can share lists, add media and links to list items or tasks. It is just super handy and helpful.




2. Period Diary


All us ladies know how important it is too keep track of our monthly cycle especially when it comes to going on holidays or weekends away! I really like this app. It’s pretty easy to figure out and I like how it gives you your period predictions for the following few months.








3. OpenTable


Booking a table can be a nightmare especially last minute in San Francisco. This app lets you find all the restaurants that are available for the time and number of people dining. This eliminates the pain of having to ring up 5-6 different places to check availability.




4. Sleep Cycle

This is a really handy app that I am only just getting used to. I have only used it a handful of times but think its great so far. It monitors your sleep, how often you wake, how good your sleep was etc.



5. Mint


As much as we hate this part of being organised but it is really important to keep track of our finances. So many times I have gone to check my bank account after a busy few weeks to be met with a very sad and ominous figure at the end of my statement! NOT GOOD!

This app links to your bank, credit card, investments, loans etc and tracks your spending and your finances in general. At the end of every month you get a summary of your month. I found this such a good thing to have as it really made you think about what it was I was actually spending my money on rather than what I thought I was .. two very different realities πŸ™‚ Need to lay off all those $5 almond cappuccinos.


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