5 Fave Things

Make Up Forever Ultra HD Stick

My foundation obsession is getting outa hand! But look the first step is admitting you have a problem right?? Anyway despite this being a bit too light for me on the days I am slathered in Cocoa Brown tan I am loving this foundation. I may be a bit premature as I've only used it a couple of times but right now I am all about it! 



Styled by Emily Henderson

I love a good coffee table book! All I am missing is an actual coffee table ( that's a work in progress). Emily Henderson is super stylish and has a gorgeous blog! Love this book as it's full of ideas and gorgeous photography. Check out her instagram here.

Justins Chocolate Hazelnut Butter

Divine. Like I am beginning a very worrying obsession with this. Dare I say it ... but I think it's better than Nutella!! (Insert shocked money emoji here)

Chelsea Wears

After becoming obsessed with Chelsea's online store (here it is) I began following her on You Tube. I am now obsessed with her videos. Her vlogs are refreshingly honest and her ootd's are divine! Her obsessions include , her dog, saltines , murder and fashion basically a girl after my own heart!

Parallel Coffee Roasters

I was given this coffee by my bestie in Canada and I literally can't cope with how gorge it is! Like the smell of it in the morning after its been ground is everything. Did I mention I love coffee??? :) 

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