Make up trends to say goodbye to in 2016

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We’ve all been there – gone too far with the liner or the contour brush but it’s time to step away from the crazy beauty trends of 2015 and say goodbye once and for all!


Here are some of the trends I want to see the back of.


Overdrawn Lips:

Please stop you look ridiculous! Can we all please embrace our natural lip line!


The Brow:


Ok I am all for a good brow! I take my brows very seriously but I am so done seeing the crazy over filled in squared off brow! You know what I’m talking about. It’s not a good look … for anyone!


The highlight everything your mother gave you trend:

Highlighter is to highlight not to smother all over your face so you look like you just came back from a jog! Less is more ladies!




I love a bit of definition as much as the next girl but I think we all need to go to contour rehab. Set away from the contour kit!


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