New Year Resolutions

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Happy New Year Everyone!!


First day of 2016 is here at last! Most of us will be vowing to only eat green beans from here on out! I hate the word resolutions! It just reminds me of all the failed attempts to be all those things I said I would be! This year I am throwing out resolutions. I’m done with them. Instead I am putting all my effort into goals! I am super super excited about this year and have so many exciting plans ahead.

See that sounds much more doable than resolutions! Resolutions sound depressing and full of deprivation.


So my goals this year range from small to big kick ass projects! From vowing to actually shut down my laptop at least 3 times a week (I’d say I shut it down all of 8 times in 2015) to starting an exciting new project!

I find visualising what I need to do key in achieving my goals so I made a 2016 goal board where I uploaded pictures and quotes relating to my goals on my desktop , phone and anywhere that I will be able to see them every day ! This is great for keeping them in mind at all times so you don’t loose focus!

Of all my goals for this year my most important are:

  • Laugh More
  • Be Confident
  • Stay Positive
  • Feel Healthy

So shake off the hangover, make the cup of tea and plan out your goals! 2016 is waiting for us! πŸ™‚




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