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So the coming weeks will bring plenty of travelling, food comas and chilling out! So if your stuck for something to listen to here are my 5 fave podcasts that I love to unwind to!


Being Boss

This is my most listened to recently. If your interested in starting a business or already have one this is a great podcast. Kathleen Shannon and Emily Thompson have so much advise and stories to share you will be hooked from the first episode. It's primarily aimed at females but I introduced this to a few male friends and they are also hooked! 


Ok if you haven't heard of this podcast you must be living under a rock! :)

This is for anyone who likes crime stories. This podcast is based on the real life case of Hae Min Lee who was murdered in Baltimore in 1999. The case has many holes and inconsistencies. Sarah Koenig the host of the podcast goes back and tries to uncover the true story behind Hae Min Lee's death and whether the correct person went away for her murder. It is addictive I warn you! 

The Women's podcast

This is the new podcast from The Irish Times. Really enjoy this podcast. The topics covered are varied from makeup to abortion. A really great listen!

Freakonomics Radio

This podcast is hosted by journalist Stephen Dubner and economist Steven Levitt and covers a wide range of topics that include interviews, stories and studies. It's a really easy listen if you like random stories and facts about whatever the topic of the day is! 

This American Life

This is another easy listen podcast. There's a theme for each episode and then loads of stories relative to that theme. This is the most popular podcast on iTunes with 2.2 million listeners! 

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