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I have been trying out this face mask for months now and am finally getting around to writing a review on it. I got this because I was looking for a mask that targeted break outs but wasn't too drying on the skin. Β 

This product has a white clay consistency and the scent kind of reminds me of Vicks vapour. Although it is think it is easy to spread around the face and can be easily removed with a warm flannel.

This is the perfect mask to target breakouts and really minimise them. It reduces swelling and redness. The very fist time I used it I saw a noticeable difference straight away . It is defiantly one of my new go to products that I recommend to anyone who has a few trouble areas.Β 

If your breakouts are particularly bad I usually leave over night and then wash off in the morning. You will look slightly crazy when you wake up but It is worth it. If I only have a couple of issues to deal with I just pop a bit of product on the blemish and leave for awhile to bring down irritation an redness.Β 

This product was $25 and really is worth it.I have used it many many times and I still have over half the tube left.Β 

I think this product is a defo must for those who suffer any kind of breakout. The effect is almost instant after use. You will not regret this buy! :)

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