Top Tips for an Autumnal Home!

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As I have probably mentioned a thousand times already Autumn/Fall is my FAVOURITE time of the year! Here are some of my tips to get your home all cosy and autumnal!


1. Candles in the fireplace

I love this look in a living room! Given that it’s not cold enough to light the fire yet but you still want to get that cosy feeling this is the perfect alternative! This is such an easy way to bring the feel of a glowing fire into your home without the mess of cleaning the fire after πŸ™‚ These are the candles I used.

2. Autumn candle arrangement

This is usually the first thing I do when Autumn hits us! I bought a large glass candle holder from Ikea and filled it with pine cones and then set the candle in the middle. You could also use chestnuts or acorns whatever you can find! The pine cones last for ages so you can re use them year after year.

3. Scented Candle

My love for scented candles has no bounds. One of my fave scented candles is the spiced orange from Yankee Candle. And for anyone who wants to go mad and splash out on a fancy nancy Β candle , I love the English Pear scent!

4. Cosy Throw/Blanket

A cosy Autumn vibe is not complete without a soft and inviting throw! My favourite throw of all time is my faux fur from Hickeys. I don’t think they still have it but i found a lovely one here.

5. Pimped out Pumpkin

I love pimping out a pumpkin. I do however have to admit that my DIY skills are always slightly off. My finished products never look as good as my Pinterest boards. Last year I got some mini pumpkins from Tesco that were perfect for attempting Pinterest perfection!

6. Autumn Flowers

I just love the smell of fresh flowers in a home. So if you haven’t got them time or patience to go all DIY on your Autumn vibe just go out and buy some lovely golden orange fall flowers.

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