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Hey Everyone!

So it is about time that I did an update on my skincare routine!

Now admittedly my double cleanse resolution has kind of fell to the wayside a bit of late. I have however stuck to my no face wipe rule – which I am pretty happy about.

I have added a few items to my routine lately that I really need to share with you all!



I have started using a CC cream lately as a substitute for foundation when I am having a relaxed kinda day or going doing outdoor activities. I’m not sure if this actually constitutes as skincare but I’m gonna go for it!
I am using the Clinique Moisture Surge CC cream. I am really liking this product. You still need to wear a moisturiser under it as isn’t as moisturising as the name suggests but it is super lightweight and doesn’t leave you with a shiny face. As I said I find it great as a stand alone product but I also use it occasionally as a primer. It helps to even out your skin tone and reduce the redness of any blemishes or patches.






I am also using Boots Time Delay Wrinkle Reduce Eyecream Β . It is too early to tell if it stands up to its reduction of wrinkle claim although I am using it more as a preventative measure. I do find it to be a nice light moisturiser. It is really good value too so that’s a no brainer. I will probably try something else once I have used this up to get a feel for other eye creams as it is something I am new too. For the minute though I am enjoying using this product.









My new moisturiser that I am using is the Origins A Perfect World , Antioxidant Moisturiser with Green Tea. Que the rant and rave!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS PRODUCT!!!

I have never had a moisturiser that I loved this much! It is amazing. I first fell involve with the texture alone. It feels like a silky buttery cream that glides around your face and into your skin so easily. It is super hydrating without being heavy. It makes me feels fresh when I apply it. The smell is divine. Every time I put it on I feel like I am transported back to the spa. It is just such a lovely product I am itching to try more products from the brand. I apply this pretty much every morning and every night. Although sometimes I alternate my night cream with the Boots Tea Tree Witch Hazel night treatment gel if I ma having a bad few breakout days.

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