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Our next #GIRLBOSS is the mind blowingly creative and fabulous Eiméar Varian Barry. She has done what many could only wish to achieve , she has conquered the crazy world of Instagram! Eiméar has used her PR background, creative mind and business savy to carve a very successful career out of her instagram account.
Something that takes patience, smart and balls!
Her instagram is addictive. I have found myself lost in the sea of amazing images on her page . Unlike many Instagram stars she is honest, real and doesn’t take herself too seriously.  Her style is ENVIOUS ! And she does all this as well as being a single Mom to gorgeous little Saoirse.
Don’t pretend, don’t try too hard, don’t overthink.

What was your first job in the real world?

Presenter on Cork’s RedFM.

What is a typical day in the life of EVB?

Up and at em at 6am with Saoirse pulling up my eyelids and yelling “HIYA!” into my face. Hilarious and cute, but torturous at the same time!

What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail?

What I am doing now! 

What is the most exciting part of your job?

Being able to do a tonne of different jobs in one! Also, getting to collaborate with the UK’s  best creative talent, whether it be with a top chef through a collaboration, or a famous photographer at an iconic studio.

What motivates you?

Wanting to give Saoirse the best life. To give myself the opportunity to live best possible life.

 What has been the most exciting project to date?

Famous designers Preen spent the day at my apartment and shot Saoirse and I hanging out in their gorgeous clothes! That was pretty huge!  Advise to someone who is trying to break the instagram world?Don’t pretend, don’t try too hard, don’t overthink. Everything has to be organic and come from the heart. Or you can smell the BS. Don’t set stuff up too much. I do set some things up to a certain extent, but it has to be a bit natural too. Know that you can create a powerful portfolio and business card for yourself on Instagram. Get a good camera and clean your lens!I don’t ever feel preassure or like it’s a challenge. I don’t plan my IG posts too much. If i don’t feel like posting for a few days I won’t. I have had my account for 2 and a half years and when I realised there was potential to do great things with it, I began to realise that to create a big following in the fashion blogging/Instagramming world is not immediate. It takes years of hard work and patience. I feel that constantly thinking about how many followers you have and want to get is gluttony. I hate when people talk about follower numbers like it’s a popularity game. “She only has this many followers” as if that person does not matter. It’s pathetic and desperate. Yes, if you are wanting to make a full time career from Instagramming, then reach is important to have so that companies can advertise with you (like they would on a TV station who have top viewership) but it really annoys me when people start being so cut throat and greedy.

What would you tell your 21 year old self?

Nothing, because there wouldn’t be any point. I would never have believed anything you told me about my life now.  

Most rewarding part of your job?

Choosing my hours, so I can spend as much time with my baby in my arms.

Any downsides to having 22k followers watching your every move?

Not at all. I am careful about what I share about my life. I don’t set up situations or lie for it to look good on Instagram. This is my real life. I put up pictures of photoshoots I am on in studios in London, but I also throw up pictures of Saoirse in her messy high chair. It’s about reality and keeping it real, but not having it get too personal. I don’t think it’s right to share your whole life on social media. Especially if you have a kid.
I want somebody to go onto my  profile to be inspired, supported, visually stimulated, to have a giggle and just to feel good. Like it is mine, I want it be their happy place. God knows I have been at rock bottom in my life, which is why I appreciate every single opportunity that comes my way these days. I worked as a Producer on one of Ireland’s top radio talk shows for a few years. I was constantly told to find the angle for the drama because that is all people will want to listen to. Now I realise that is completely untrue and it gets annoying after a while. Supporting new mothers is what I feel strongly about because I know how powerfully inspiring the mom network on Instagram was for me.

You are living in London and from Cork, can you give us an insight of your journey!

Yeah! I’m originally from Cork city and studied film making in St Johns. I began presenting and producing for Corks Red FM and stayed there for a few years. In 2009, I moved to New York with one suitcase,one contact and a whole load of ambition. I began production assisting on major productions like Sex and The City, Ugly Betty, Boardwalk Empire and ended up as a stylist assistant for Rolling Stone Magazine.I also travelled from New York to do Fashion PR for clothing companies in Philadelphia, San Diego and Lousianna. My visa ran out, so I moved to Melbourne to work as a stylist for The Style.Co and travelled around the continent working on bespoke events.I took a break and travelled up the east coast on my own for a while and ended up working on a tomato farm in Bowen, Queensland for 5 months. It was a really difficult but lifechanging experience. And i met Saoirses dad on my backpacking travels too! We moved back to Surrey where he is from and fell pregnant almost immediately.

What is the most challenging thing running your social media?

TIME. Between my PR job, instagramming and being a full time single mother, I never feel like I have enough time to do everything i want and days just FLY by…

What is your dream vacation?

White sand , clear water. Running around a beach with my babygirl.

Whose your favourite instagrammer?

@thehautepursuit @mothersmeetings , @kelli_murray @fancytreehouse @courtneyadamo @cassblackbird @ernestoartillo


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