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Our next #GIRLBOSS is the fabulous Rachel Curran. Rachel is one half of the brains behind Corks only independent brow bar. iBrow has had huge success in its very first year and is continuing to grow at a rapid pace. The reason for this great success is the amazing work ethic and passion of the two owners Rachel Curran and Sharon Lane. These ladies met in Benefit in 2008 when they both started the same day and have been best friends ever since. They both trained in Cork, Rachel at College of Commerce and Sharon at Woodworth and Whelans. Now both 27 and successful entrepreneurs, working in an industry they love.



Think what is the worst possible outcome, if you can cope with that then go ahead and do it!


Tell us the story of iBrow

Well .. Sharon always wanted her own business. I never had that dream, I felt I wasn’t great at management and always worked better as part of a team.

About three years ago myself and Sharon were out having a few drinks and we came up with a big plan that we could open up our own business. It was more of a dream and a fantasy at the time.

For a while we didn’t do anything about the big plans we made that night in Suas. Benefit Brow bar was beginning to do really well and  i was realising that we were very much in demand. People who came to Benefit wanted us – myself and Sharon. So one day we just said right now or never. We shook on it there and then, handed in our notice to Benefit, went for a drink and came up with a business plan.

The next day I woke up and realised it wasn’t a dream any more! Then the hard work began. Almost immediately we started looking for a premises. A lot of people just laughed at us when they saw us coming through the door. We had the financial backing and the plan but still people saw us as two young girls who hadn’t a clue. We found our current premises by accident. I rang a number of a premises I had seen advertised and actually dialled the wrong number by mistake.The man I spoke to on the phone happened to also have a premises for let and asked did I want to take a look, so I said why not and there it began we had found our home for iBrow!

After securing the premises our next task was getting it ready to open in the space of a few weeks!!

So many friends, family and clients helped us in this period. We were bowled over by the response and the generosity of people. A client of ours Deirdre Corcoran helped us hugely with our branding. It was great to have someone who knew our work ethic, style and service to help us create the perfect brand. We had two concepts chosen for iBrow. One was a soft pink and the other a grey and mustard. We both decided we liked the soft pink so inevitably we went with the grey and mustard. We wanted to be different!

With regards to the design of the salon, myself and Sharon worked on this with help from Deirdre . Friends and family all helped to get the place ready right up until the night before opening day. We were ringing friends of friends to see if they could plaster a wall, family members painting the ceiling it was like something out of only fools and horses!! We were totally taken aback with the love people showed for us during this time.

So from the day we finally decided to start iBrow we were open within 4 weeks!l Within 24 hours of setting up our Facebook page we had over 2000 likes and in the first four hours of opening the phones to appointments we were booked out for the first two weeks! iBrow had begun and we were finally doing what we loved!

What would be your advise to someone thinking of of a start up?

Ask yourself are you providing a service good enough? Has it been done before? You need to be realistic, have all your facts and figures. Make sure you have your capital and funding secured. And GET HELP! Call on family and friends so not be afraid to ask for help! And lastly Drive on and DO IT!

Best advise you have ever received?

Think what is the worst possible outcome if you can cope with that then go ahead and do it!

Where do you see iBrow in 5 years?

iBrow has been such a whirlwind already. We have by far exceeded where we thought we would be. However we do aim to have another store. Our dream would be to have a franchise, if I saw an iBrow in London I would die!!

We are very conscious that we are young and we want to appreciate what we have. Right now we love our lives and are content. We want the experience in iBrow to always stay the same for our customers so making sure the quality and family touch stays in place as we grow is very important. In the short term we want to achieve a better experience for our customers and maybe even more treatments.

Most rewarding part of your job?

Opening the door every day! I love chatting and meeting different women. You don’t know who you will meet. I love being able to build relationships with clients. And of course I love working with my best friend every day!

What obstacles and challenges have you been faced with and how did you overcome them?

Our biggest challenge is meeting demand! iBrow started out with just two girls, meeting demand while ensuring that your quality was not impacted on was a challenge. We aim for perfect and that is hugely important to iBrow.

Most memorable moment so far?

There was probably two this year where I had to pinch myself.

Our one year anniversary. The pride I felt was indescribable. I can only imagine what it is like to actually give birth! 🙂 I was so overwhelmed and thankful, it was the first time I could take a step back and take our achievement in!

Also closing our shop on Christmas Eve was one of the most amazing feelings ever!



What is your dream vacation?

A beautiful island with a lovely tropical vibe like maybe Thailand or Hawaii. Just chilling with a drink in my hand and the sun on my skin!

If you could have lunch with any woman, who would it be and what would you order?

Beyoncé!! I probably wouldn’t be able to order anything because I’d be too nervous!

What makes iBrow different?

The iBrow vibe! iBrow is the only independent brow bar in Cork. We are amazing at what we do. We are constantly adapting and changing to the trends of the brow. Every customer is different. We have all ages come in and visit us whether it be a 90 yr old lady who has over waxed all her life or an 16 year old girl who is having trouble with a unibrow! We cater to everyone and recognise that not all women have the same needs.

 What beauty product can you not live without?

Anastastia Brows brow filler!! Besides brow products I couldn’t live without Lancome Hypnose massacra.


From this ….


To this ….In less than 4 weeks!














Just click on the below to be brought straight to the iBrow Facebook page! I have been going to these ladies for years and they are simple amazing at what they do! Make sure to make an appointment as soon as you can! These ladies will change your brow game! 🙂




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