April Favourites!

Todays post is on my all the things I am loving in April from Make up brushes to green tea!


Here are my April Faves:



I am LOVING these brushes from Real Techniques. These are from the Bold metallics range. They just look amazing. So far I have found the foundation brush really good, unlike my usual MAC foundation brush it doesn’t shed any hairs which is a huge plus!


Bold Metalics Brushes


I had to include these hair ties in my favourites . They are such a bargain and they way better on your hair then regular bobbles. These are really gentle on your hair and do not leave a mark on your hair after it has been tied up! A must have for only €1.50 a packet.

Hair Ties - Primark


So the Summer is fast approaching and I am upping my exfoliation and moisturising game! Here are my favourites this month.

I just adore Sanctuary products. I love the smell of them, the luxury feel of them on my skin they take me right back to the spa. This body scrub leaves my skin feeling so soft and nice , I’m already on my second bottle!

This Vaseline moisturiser is my favourite, Its light yet locks in the moisture and I LOVE the smell. The soft coconut scent always reminds me of holidays! This is a great product that I have used for years and is super inexpensive too.


Skin Care



I am obsessed with this tea lately! I constantly carry around a box in my hand bag. It smells soon good! Even though the taste is really faint I am just so obsessed with the smell that I cannot get enough of this tea!

Green Tea - Twinnings


Fancy Keyrings make me happy!!! This furry pom keyring is fabulous! You will never have to rummage around your bag looking for your keys again! Losing my keys is now a thing of the past! They also come in all different colours! I particularly love this one and the black one!


Key Ring - RiverIsland


I bought this AMAZING bag in Zara a couple of weeks ago! It is such a nice fit on my shoulder and is really spacious to fit all the junk I like to carry around on a daily basis. It is also really soft even though it is not real leather and it was a complete again also €35.95 .. ideal!


Shopper - Zara





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