Maryborough Spa Review

Todays post is a review in Maryborough Spa. I got a voucher as a gift a few weeks ago so I booked in for the Sunday just gone.

I booked in for a Hot Stone Massage and was told to come early to use the thermal suite.

On arrival I was shown around by the lovely staff members and was given my robe etc, staff were very helpful.

The thermal suite was really nice , I had been in this spa a couple of times before so I knew what to expect . It was nice and quiet so I was able to enjoy all the amenities and soak in the relaxation in peace.

The lovely Thermal Suite

There were a few small touches that were missing, for example there was no ice in the ice fountain and one of the jacuzzi features in the suite did not work. Other than that it was a really nice and pleasant experience. I especially enjoyed just sitting back and relaxing on the heated stone beds.

I was then brought to the relaxation room before my treatment which was lovely and the lighting and atmosphere was just what I needed.

Relaxation Room

My therapist was really nice, explained everything in detail, Β made sure I was comfortable and gave me an amazing treatment. I was so relaxed afterwards.

After the treatment I was brought back to the relaxation room where I was given some fresh orange juice and yogurt which was a nice touch.

Post Treatment Refreshments

There was also chocolate dipped strawberries with my treatment so after I got showered and ready I headed out to indulge in the lovely treats.

Delicious strawberries and green tea

My experience so far in the spa was really nice and relaxing exactly what I needed but on leaving there was a miscommunication about my voucher. I did not have the physical voucher with me, I had emailed ahead and explained this to a member of staff and they had sourced the voucher number for me and I assumed all was in order. However on leaving there seemed to be a miscommunication and the lady at reception nor the manager seemed to be able to locate my email. We eventually resolved the issue but I do feel they could have dealt with the situation better. I was made feel quite embarassed.

I did enjoy my treatment and the amenities available but I think my experience was slightly marred by the mishap at the end of my visit. I left the spa feeling more stressed than I did entering it which is not what I had planned.


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