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Last weekend I was in Dublin for a couple of days and a brunch was on my to do list! I decided to go to Cinnamon in Ranelagh as I used go there when I lived in Dublin.


When we arrived the que was out the door which is always a good sign! Once the five of us were seated we were given menus, drinks order was taken and after some humming and hawing over what delicious delight we would feast on we finally made our final decisions. Then we waited and we waited and then waited some more when finally a member of staff remembered we existed.

We ordered our food and when it came out all was forgiven as the food was delicious.. see the delish pics below!

When we finished our food we chatted for awhile and then decided to order some cake. After some time spent trying to get a staff members attention I decided to go in search of one so we finally ordered cake and one of my friends ordered the pancakes.


The cake and coffee orders all arrived and they were equally as delicious as the breakfast but there was no sign of the pancakes and after 25 minutes of waiting I finally asked a waitress who informed me they had been lost in the kitchen! .. needless to say we cancelled them.

I really loved the food and the vibe at Cinnamon and really really wish i could give them a great review but the service was just appalling. Β The staff were unpleasant and very slow.

They did however bring down a portion of pancakes to takeaway after we paid as an apology about the mixed up order. This was nice of them but I still think my experience was greatly impaired due to the lack of service.

I would recommend people to go and try it out as the food was really nice and hopefully I was just unlucky with the service I received. I highly recommend ordering the potatoes they were so tasty!

Hope ye have a better experience than I did!










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