Fenns Quay Review

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Fenns Quay



This Saturday I went to Fenn’s Quay for brunch. Had never been there before so I was really intrigued to see what it was like. The menu wasn’t extensive but had all the old favourites.

I was really craving poached eggs so thats what I got with some bacon on brown bread. Nothing too exciting but I really enjoyed it , it was really tasty! I was suffering from a slight sore head from the night before so I needed a reliable dish! πŸ™‚


Perfectly Poached


Poached Eggs, soda bread, bacon



The girls got pancakes. They looked really good. There could have been more strawberries and maple syrup to accompany the pancakes but otherwise there was no complaints.

Pancakes, bacon and maple syrup Pancakes strawberries and creme fraiche


We were nattering away for hours so we got some coffee and banana bread after awhile. It was really tasty too and they heated it for us. Coffee was great, so great I got two cups!




Banana bread


The staff were really great , checking on us frequently and our meals were brought out really quickly.

All in all I really enjoyed it and would go back, would defo recommend it, so go give it a try!

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