Girl Boss – Chelsea Moylan

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Todays post is a sit down chat with my favourite Youtube/Blogger/GirlBoss Chelsea Moylan AKA Chelsea Moylan. I have been following Chelsea for over a year and I have fallen in love with her amazing brand, on point style, honest opinions and cute dog. Chelsea is from San Francisco and runs her own store both ...

5 Tips For Developing Your Personal Style

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Are you struggling with your personal style? I know sometimes I tend to get overwhelmed by the constant trends and make very bad buying decisions. While following the trends can be fun being trendy can be a far cry from being stylish. So here are my top tips for developing your own personal style. 1. Inspiration It can ...

5 Apps To Keep You Organised

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      Here are my five favourite apps to keep you organised and stay boss!   1. Wunderlist   I have mentioned this app on my favourites before but I must mention it again as I absolutely cannot live without it! This is so good for simple tasks like shopping list or more detailed tasks like project managing. You can share lists, ...

New Year Resolutions

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Happy New Year Everyone!! Β  First day of 2016 is here at last! Most of us will be vowing to only eat green beans from here on out! I hate the word resolutions! It just reminds me of all the failed attempts to be all those things I said I would be! This year I am throwing ...

Five Fave Podcasts!

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So the coming weeks will bring plenty of travelling, food comas and chilling out! So if your stuck for something to listen to here are my 5 fave podcasts that I love to unwind to!   Being Boss This is my most listened to recently. If your interested in starting a business or already have one this is ...

5 Must See Ted Talks!

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Here are some of my favourite Ted Talks! I love these short videos that get you thinking! Hope you enjoy as much as me! :)

Home Office Must Haves!

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  1- Every home office needs a candle. Especially on those cold dark evenings!Β  2- Love this Kate Spade stapler. It will make any mundane task prettier! 3- Zara Home have nailed their 2016 diaries/agendas. This simple leather embossed diary is perfect. 4- Caffeine is Queen when you have a busy day ahead! This mug will even motivate you! ...

My Top 5 Girlbosses!

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In todays post I introduce you to some of my favourite female entrepreneurs! In a world where for women ambition can be a dirty word these ladies are flying the flag and breaking glass ceilings!     1. Sheryl Sandberg I have written about Sheryl before in one of my monthly fave posts after I read her inspiring and ...